Gonzato Francesco & Figli srl, a recognized partner throughout the province of Vicenza for individuals and companies, is synonymous with steel and stainless steel windows characterized by extreme quality, aesthetics and top-level performance. 

Steel windows and doors

Full range of products


Steel windows and French doors are applicable both in new buildings and in renovations. Thanks to a complete range of products, the windows and doors of our production are able to satisfy every market need, both in terms of architectural aspects and technological aspects.


Our customers from Cornedo Vicentino, Arzignano, Schio, Valdagno, Montecchio Maggiore choose us for standard solutions as for customized ones. The versatility of the production allows a great variety of shapes, types of opening, chromatic surfaces and coatings that can be applied in harmony with all municipal regulations, even in historic centers. 

Steel window systems

Thanks to the constant commitment in the research of cutting-edge methodologies, Gonzato Francesco & Figli srl is able to ensure the maximum guarantee of yield and design, even with customized solutions, but always strictly Made in Italy.


Throughout the Vicenza area, from Arzignano to Montecchio Maggiore, from Valdagno to Schio, they choose us for a 360-degree service, from custom design to installation. 


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