Gonzato Francesco & Figli srl is a company structured in such a way as to always satisfy the needs of a vast clientele in the province of Vicenza, as well as throughout Italy, looking for doors, curtain walls, cladding and solar and aluminum sun screens. 

An all-Italian reality

Long-lasting achievements


The processing of high standard metal carpentry, which takes place daily in our company by specialized technicians, is one of the excellences of our territory and as such is often the subject of newspaper articles and magazines that highlight its uniqueness.


Not only do we produce products with an excellent aesthetic effect, but the care in the selection of the best materials, the verifications of all the production processes, also ensure long-lasting works, praised by those who appreciate the quality of Made in Italy. 

Why people choose us

Important airports, banks, public and private entities, companies have chosen us because they know that we are a trusted interlocutor, because in our productions we offer the quality and aesthetic refinement that is one of the characteristics of Made in Italy, of those craft activities that have known to grow and grow to become large industrial companies. 

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