We offer diversified and versatile solutions according to the customer’s needs, creating modern and versatile aluminum windows with refined finishes, always ensuring excellent performance in terms of living comfort and aesthetics. 

Aluminum Doors & Windows

Research of cutting-edge technologies par excellence


The numerous systems for aluminum windows and doors that our production department offers are all complete with accessories and allow you to make any type of window frame according to your needs. Our clients are private, but above all companies, shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, industries, which seek the best of Made in Italy.


Thanks to our long experience in the field, we know how to combine the art of aluminum processing with the spirit of innovation so as to achieve work methods and technologies designed to guarantee the highest quality standards. 

As our official supplier we have chosen WICONA, the famous German brand specialized in aluminium curtain walls and windows. One of the few companies in the world that is committed to producing high quality aluminium solutions based on recycled or low carbon footprint material. Find out more about these products by downloading the brochure below. 

The best raw materials

Thanks to a careful selection of the best materials we offer you not only aluminum frames of great aesthetic performance but also and above all a product that will last over time, requiring minimum maintenance and always guaranteeing maximum yield.


Gonzato Francesco & Figli srl is a trusted partner that companies and individuals from all over the Veneto region are targeting, from Schio to Vicenza, from Montecchio Maggiore to Arzignano, as well as public bodies, for the realization of functional and aesthetically perfect aluminum frames. 


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