We have been operating in the metal construction industry for more than 50 years and we specialize in manufacturing aluminum and stainless steel products. Francesco Gonzato & Figli srl in Cornedo Vicentino in the province of Vicenza is a reference point for light and medium metallic carpentry. 

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Our pool of experts in the field of metal construction guarantees its vast clientele from all over the Vicenza area, from Arzignano to Montecchio Maggiore, from Valdagno to Schio, a complete service, from design to construction, paying particular attention to the study of your needs, of the available space and choice of materials.


Thanks to the high competence and advanced machinery of Gonzato Francesco & Figli srl we make each of our products absolutely unique. Stainless steel, like aluminum, is extremely versatile and resistant, making them perfect for combining with other materials in the most imaginative architectural designs, becoming a unique and important piece of furniture. 

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