50 years of experience, the selection of the best materials, advanced machinery and advanced technology have allowed us to achieve excellence in aluminum processing and in the production of windows, structural coatings, solar shading, gates and doors in aluminum and steel. 

50 years of history

From a small artisan company to an industry


Gonzato Francesco & Figli srl in Cornedo Vicentino (VI) has now reached 50 years of activity and is now an indispensable reference point for the entire economy of the Vicenza area in the field of metal carpentry and in the construction and installation of frames, structural coatings, sun screens, balconies, gates and fences. As a small artisan company founded in 1961, it can now fully take on the definition of a real industry with more than 40 highly qualified employees, also obtaining ISO 9002 certification.


The founder is Francesco Gonzato, known as Rino, who still, together with his children, holds firmly the reins of the company, controlling all the production and making sure that the quality of the products is always very high, as required by the market. Thanks to his charisma and his iron will, in 50 years of activity he can boast the realization of windows for important airports, banks, hospitals, sports facilities, shopping centers and private homes. 


The objectives must be those of a complete internal organization, able to face different needs and requirements with flexibility and to focus on the quality of the product, thanks to cutting-edge machinery and equipment, to advanced technology, all characteristics that have led the company to offer resistant and innovative products: exactly what customers want.


The ability to innovate has led Gonzato Francesco & Figli srl to patent an insulated aluminum balcony of extraordinary success, and we continue to produce windows, gates and fences tailored to the needs of the client. 

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