Aluminum balconies

The long years of experience in the sector by Gonzato Francesco & Figli have created balconies and shutters in aluminum that offer both extreme durability and aesthetic appeal, a thermal break panel and perfect insulation. 

Aluminum shutters

Aesthetic yield and zero maintenance


In our large establishment in Cornedo Vicentino (VI) we produce and produce a great variety of shutters for all needs, studied in the smallest details from the aesthetic and above all technical point of view, thus ensuring the shading of the interiors, but also improving the thermal inertia and enhancing the transmittance of the building envelope.


Innovation and research are what make our production unique and absolutely in step with the needs of the market. Our technical office has also patented a special insulated balcony, the result of a long study, which guarantees aesthetics, design and functionality at the highest levels. 


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