Stick curtain wall made with extruded profiles in aluminium (alloy EN-AW 6060 T5), frontal width of 50 mm, depth depending on the static values to be respected.

Thermal insulation from external glazing bead pressure is achieved with the introduction of ABS strips, inserted into an existent slot, on internal profiles. Overlapping at the crosspoint ensures that potential water seepage and condensation is channeled from mullions to transoms; the latter are equipped with channels that collect water and empty it downward. Continuity of the seal, level with joints, is guaranteed by specific stainless steel accessories, equipped with an EPDM gasket on the upper end. This accessory fixed to the upper mullion ensures continuity of drainage, compensating for the adjustment process of joints.

The endurance of infill panels (transparent or not) must be guaranteed with specific EPDM gaskets, placed both inside and outside the panel.


Fixing solutions between facade and wall need to be designed depending on mechanical performances, on tolerances, on related motions, on positions, and according to the specific requirements of the building.

Provided with accessories and seals that guarantee the following performances:
· EN 12154 Classe RE1200 Water tightness
· EN 12152 Classe AE Air permeability
· EN 13116 Classe 2000Pa, security ±3000 Pa Resistance to wind load
· EN 14019 Classe E5/I5 Impact resistance