Doors and windows made with extruded profiles in aluminium alloy (EN AW 6060) in accordance with EN 573/3. Fixed frame depth of 65 mm; leaf profile depth of 74.5 mm, in order to ensure maximum resistance to wind dynamic pressure.  Overlap of casing against wall of 22.5 mm.

The interruption of the thermal bridge is obtained by inserting divider strips in polyamide, reinforced with fiberglass, characterised by a low level of thermal conductivity and by double density EPDM gaskets.

The air tightness system is open-joint with a central EPDM gasket, inserted in the fixed frame and placed directly on the moving profile.

Glazing beads have a snap installation thanks to material elasticity and are equipped with specific slots for glazing seals.

Accessories and closing seals fit to guarantee the following performances:

  • Air permeability UNI EN 12207 = Class 4
  • Water tightness UNI EN 12208 = Class E1500
  • Resistance to wind load UNI EN 12210 = Class C5