Partition walls


System made of extruded aluminium (alloy EN AW 6060 T6). The DOMAL OFFICE supporting structure is realised with only one section bar, 50×34 mm sized, used both as a mullion and as a transom, allowing the optimisation of cuts, according to the modules, and the reduction of the section bars involved.

The integration of the infill panels is achieved with a simple “hook-shaped” accessory, allowing the panels to be applied inside the structure. The fixation is made in 4 points on the vertical mullion, in order to avoid any static load on the transoms.

1- Blind panels with max thickness 18 mm


Glazing solutions:

A) Central pane from 4 to 6 mm thick
B) External pane from 4 to 6 mm thick
C) Double glazing max 22 mm thick


The door modules are planned to be complementary with DOMAL INDOOR (internal door system).